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ATOMSTACK A10 Pro flagship dual laser engraver and cutting machine has upgraded dual compression spot coupling laser technology. The high-density laser can easily cut 20mm thick black acrylic wood. The A10 Pro can be used directly on mirrored stainless steel metal or ceramic glass.

Atomstack A10 Pro: https://www.atom-stack.com/products/che ... achine-50w ,

A10 Pro cutting machine has eye protection laser machine, dual laser 10W. The engraving area is 410 X 400 mm and it is constructed of aluminium alloy for quick installation.

Materials that support carving are metal, 304 stainless steel, high-energy wood, CNC, wood, slate, etc. High-power high-end laser cutting equipment supports offline engraving. The flagship dual laser engraving and cutting machine has an emergency stop button, so it provides a safe 150 W CO2 laser engraving effect.
Laser engraver: https://www.atom-stack.com/collections/laser-engraver ,
There is a panoramic filter glass in the ATOMSTACK machine that provides a protective cover to protect your eyes. It can filter 97% of UV rays. This helps people around you watch the laser engraving without goggles.

The all-aluminum alloy design makes the machine more durable and improves the engraving accuracy. The entire structure can be assembled quickly, and the assembly can be completed in 10-20 minutes.

There is no need to adjust the focus every time. The focal spot area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe new laser is 1/3 that of all other common lasers. The laser combines a combination and high energy given at the same time. Laser focus is more stable than zoom laser.
https://www.atom-stack.com/ ,
High machine compatibility. Compatible with LaserGRBL, LightBurn and other mature engraving software, supports Win XP/Win 7/Win 10, and also supports MacBook system (LightBurn). The supported engraving file formats are NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, etc.

The tick marks on the X-axis and Y-axis are precisely formed for quick length measurement. The huge area of ‚Äč‚Äč410 X 400 mm meets your engraving needs.

The A10 Pro Laser has a power of 10-11 W and an ultra-fine laser focus area of ‚Äč‚Äč0.08 X 0.15mm. High-density laser can cut 15-20mm thick wood and 10-15mm thick black acrylic. It can directly engrave mirror stainless steel, metal, ceramics, engraving, and the cutting speed is 40% higher than that of ordinary models.

This machine uses a one-piece screw instead of a combined coupling. The integration of the screw and the stepping rod makes the movement of the laser extremely precise, and the coupling is durable.

This feature makes it very convenient and the height of the laser can be adjusted.

The ATOMSTACK A10 Pro machine is capable of working hard and taking on heavy workloads, but it's okay if it doesn't deliver the job on time. The machines don't work so finely, and they don't work fast either. Any job takes relatively more time to complete.

The installation part of the machine is not that easy. Installing the machine is a daunting job, and it is very difficult and time-consuming to complete.

https://blog.aujourdhui.com/youke23/268 ... odule.html

https://whopic.com/blogpost/details/you ... a5-m50-pro


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