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Thoroughly clean the silicone doll's body and clothes. The all-silicone doll is a real person imitation in a 1: 1 ratio. Her clothes are the same as ours, so when you wash her, you have to take off your clothes and wash them separately. Silicone sex doll should also be washed and cleaned separately.


The above information has been provided by the editor of silicone doll manufacturer Dongguan. If you want to know more relevant points of knowledge, please take a look at the brands for the high-end material doll market. A modern high-tech enterprise that includes research, production, sales, services and technical support. Dongguan doll factory direct sale prices are low, are of good quality, there are many styles to choose from, no smell, have long shelf life, after-sales service for life, many beautiful young ladies are waiting for your home.

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