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- November 2021
For when your heart is tired
   30.11.2021 21:05

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For when your heart is tired.

I know lately you’re tired of overthinking through sleepless nights. Of always hoping, waiting and wishing that someone was out there to give you a sign or a light. Not many people understand the way your heart beats. Not many people want to know the stories behind your scars. I know that sometimes it can make you feel alone.

Just be gentle with yourself. You are allowed to be sad. You are allowed to be tender at times. You are a human being, and no one expects you to be full of bright happiness all the time. And maybe things will get a little heavier within you before they get better. But I know for a fact that all of what you are feeling will pass, and soon, you will wake up reminded that your heart is strong, that you are capable of weathering the storms.

I know sometimes the world feels like too much for those with hearts like yours. That you feel let down. That some people have not always been kind to you. I need you to understand that whatever they did to you is not your fault. You are not a reflection of those who cannot love you, or respect you, or show up for you. They are not for you.

You have to find the things in life that bring you even a moment of peace — your favorite song, the midnight sky, the art you create. That cup of coffee in the morning, your mother’s voice, a playlist that makes your bones dance. You get to choose how to heal and you get to choose what heals you. Hold onto whatever makes you feel alive.
Hold on to whatever brings you hope.


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